Nagomi~ Ekoda/Nerima/Sakuradai

~Japanese style Nagomi space relieving stiffness, aches and pains within your mind and body thoroughly ~

What is Shinsoukin approach? It's deep muscle/tissue massage
In order to relieve “stiffness” it is necessary to flow away pain-producing substance by loosening muscles and improving blood circulation.
Our treatment gives certain massaging pressure only on “Tsubo” (location of stiffness) carefully and hold the pressure for several seconds. In this way we can approach the stiffness particularly long. The unique point of our treatment is to hold massaging pressure significantly long at a limited number of points. This is our technical secret, originally developed in our salon, to multiply the effect of treatments.



Course 30min 60min 90min 120min

Body & Face・Head

- 7020JPY 9720JPY 12420JPY

Body & Head

- 6480JPY 9180JPY

Body and oil-foot



8640JPY 11880JPY


3240JPY 5400JPY 8640JPY 10800JPY

Body & Face・Head

Suitable for customers having a feeling of a stiff or swollen face.

This treatment improves circulation of blood and lymph.

Refreshing and shaping up your face.

Body & Head

Suitable for customers having severe stiffness in shoulders or neck, or having headaches, or feeling stress, or having light sleep.

Body and oil-foot

Suitable for customers having a feeling of swollen legs or poor circulation in the feet.

This treatment enables you to walk with light steps and improves form of legs.


In this treatment, you can feel that massaging pressure reaches deep into the Shinsou no kin (deep muscles).

This treatment is the basis for all treatment courses of our salon.

Optional treatment 5 min each 540JPY

Suitable for customers having constipation symptoms or severe lower back pain.

Relaxes dorsal muscles by loosening the abdomen muscles.

Finishing treatment for customers having severe stiffness in the shoulder.

Ideal for customers suffering insomnia, stress or headaches.

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